A Hulk-y Christmas

I noticed something. I blog about my favorite decks during Christmas. [That would be two times only; last year and this year hehe] Moving on!

I was surfing the net, reading other blogs, and I stumbled upon Planet Kalee. It is vsrealmer KaleeshWarrior’s blog. I saw some of his latest posts and read his The Great Vs. Resolution #29: Injustice Gang. At the end, he has a list of his favorite decks [or deck builds], and at the top spot is Warbound. Yeah. Warbound. A man after my own beatdown heart. hehe

He posted his decklist, and it was kinda similar to my list. [aren’t all Warbound builds alike? 😛 haha] That inspired me to blog about my decklist. So, here it is!

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Spending Christmas with the Family

Christmas is almost near. In a few days, people will be gathered around their Christmas trees giving out the gifts, opening presents, having fun, and stuff like that. And what better group of people to spend this time with than your family. 😀 On Tuesday, I’ll be spending my time with my family. But on HL days, I will be with a different kind of family… A Family of Four. 😀

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