It’s Secret Time~!

Okay, so I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around a Human Torch Legend deck, as mentioned in my previous post, but I can’t… And I’m trying not to look at other HT decks online. Yeah, not gonna netdeck. hahaha ^_^ But maybe one of these days (this year LOL), I’ll be able to come up with my own. For now, let’s go with a different deck that I’ve been playing often for the last 4-5 VS sessions…

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F.F. – R.I.P.

They actually did it. They freaking killed Human Torch. My second most favorite member in the Family of Four… I would have felt a little bit okay if Reed died, since his children are as damn smart as he is (or getting there). But nooooo… It had to be the guy with the awesome power… Damn it.

I’ll make a Human Torch legend deck to honor his death… I don’t have the cards, just an MWS deck. It’s the thought that counts. I’ll post it either tomorrow or Saturday.

Rest in peace, Jonathan Lowell Spencer “Johnny” Storm.

D.I.W. – The End Of The World

This is probably the ONLY deck I have that has no “heart” and no “mulligan condition”. The sad part is that the only card [a playset of it] I need to have the actual deck came from DJL, which is nowhere to be found in this part of the world… ~_~ But still, I get to “use” a Warbound card that never [really never?] saw action.

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Recover Crazy

I got an okay number of cards. A lot are X-Men. I’m not really a swarm guy, I’m more of a curve player. [I love curves..? hehe] Anyway, I gathered them cards, looked at some, and I had enough for a deck without removing cards from my X-Mental and my X-Force Curve [X-Men Assemble!’s]. Here it is:

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I Miss VS…

It’s been a little more than a year and a half since my last post. I doubt people are still reading this blog. But I guess this is gonna be my last post. A ‘eulogy’ as my friend said. (or until I’m inspired to make a new fun deck hehe) So, what can I possible talk about..?

A deck of course. It was what most of this blog talked about. [wow, past tense. *cries*] It’s about the last deck I built as VS System slowly died and went to tcg heaven… X-Force.

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A Hulk-y Christmas

I noticed something. I blog about my favorite decks during Christmas. [That would be two times only; last year and this year hehe] Moving on!

I was surfing the net, reading other blogs, and I stumbled upon Planet Kalee. It is vsrealmer KaleeshWarrior’s blog. I saw some of his latest posts and read his The Great Vs. Resolution #29: Injustice Gang. At the end, he has a list of his favorite decks [or deck builds], and at the top spot is Warbound. Yeah. Warbound. A man after my own beatdown heart. hehe

He posted his decklist, and it was kinda similar to my list. [aren’t all Warbound builds alike? 😛 haha] That inspired me to blog about my decklist. So, here it is!

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Join the Club!

This past Wednesday, we had our Golden Age hobby league. We all agreed that we would play non-broken & non-dominant [for lack of a better term?] decks, so that creativity or other less played affiliations will have the chance to show themselves. I was planning on bringing and testing my version of X-Mental [which kinda sucks when I playtested it hehe], but with our playgroup’s arrangement, I brought my Hellfire Club deck instead.

[image taken from]
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