Just A Minor Update

What the title says. haha

A while back, we were had a problem with our Marvel Universe stocks, since MUN was soooooo underprinted. We had to resort to buying boxes in Ebay. Thanks to my good friend Andrew [spooky2799 in vs.skillze.com], I got a box. I had a good one. From what I remember, It had:

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It’s A Beatdown Saturday

We had our X-Tended Play Beatdown Challenge last night at XP. 10 players showed up to show what their legends can do.

[in the () are the usernames of the players in vs.skillze.com]

Andrew Francisco (spooky2799) – Hellboy with Gotham Knights
Chris Salangsang (hydryx) – Dr. Doom with Marvel Defenders [and Friends]
Jarry Andaleon (Jarry: Next DC Superhero) – Ghost Rider
Joem Argao (ukyo_rulz) – Hellboy with Checkmate
JR Santos (twistedtao) – Juggernaut
King Mahino (graymalkin) – Dr. Doom
Mario Padua (carebuggers) – Jean Grey
Mark Padua (ozawabinladen) – Jean Grey [X-Mental]
Martin Regala [me hehe] (Gotenks) – Invisible Woman
Peter Campiglio (lionboy) – Tim Drake

10 players means 4 rounds! And after all four, the legend who rose to the top is…
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The Ace Reporter Reports: The 3rd VS Skillze Challenge

First of all, I want to congratulate Joem Argao (ukyo_rulz) for winning the 3rd VS Skillze Challenge! 😀

After rescheduling twice, the 3rd VS Skillze Challenge finally happened last November 3 at XP. For this challenge, the format is Marvel Legends Sealed. 8 people showed up to play, including the return of two players, Aaron Tanco (The Red Viper) and Ivan Almazar (ziggywiggy). Isn’t it great? More players are returning to play the game. 😀 Anyway, as the Skillze Challenged started, players opened their packs to start working on their decks. No one screamed “Mobilize!” Will a Mobilize materialize? 😀 hehe

For this event, there are 4 rounds. I will report on each round:

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