It’s Secret Time~!

Okay, so I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around a Human Torch Legend deck, as mentioned in my previous post, but I can’t… And I’m trying not to look at other HT decks online. Yeah, not gonna netdeck. hahaha ^_^ But maybe one of these days (this year LOL), I’ll be able to come up with my own. For now, let’s go with a different deck that I’ve been playing often for the last 4-5 VS sessions…


Characters: 34

1: 8
4x Iron Fist – Secret Avenger
4x Dagger – Secret Avenger

2: 8
4x Captain America – The Patriot / Secret Avenger
2x Hawkeye Ronin – Secret Avenger
2x Echo Ronin – Secret Avenger

3: 6
4x Punisher – Secret Avenger
1x Jessica Drew Spider-Woman – Secret Avenger
1x Cable – Secret Avenger

4: 4
4x Human Torch – Secret Avenger

5: 4
2x Wolverine – Secret Avenger
2x Spider-Man – Secret Avenger

6: 2
2x Luke Cage – Secret Avenger

7: 2
2x Hercules – Secret Avenger

Plot Twist: 22
4x Avengers Reassembled

4x Call Down the Lightning
4x The Big Three
4x Losing the Argument
4x No Man Escapes the Manhunters
2x Atlantis Attacks!

Locations: 4
4x Construction Site

In case you were wondering what the image that was linked to the word “SECRET”, that is the Korean pop girl group Secret. haha Yeah, I’m one those people who are crazy about Kpop, and they are my ultimate bias. Especially the one who is 2nd from the left. Song Ji-Eun… Man, that girl can sing… I’m so addicted to them that every time I hear / read the word “secret”, they are the first one that comes to my mind, LITERALLY. haha And the title of this post is what they always say in all their released songs (well, just “Secret Time” haha). And “Secret Time” is what they call their fans. (it’s a Kpop thing…) ANYWAAAAAAAY…

The curve count is very different from my usual 0,8/7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for drops 1-8. I kinda patterned it out from my Marvel Knights KO deck (9,8,6,4,2,2 from 1-6 cause that deck has 8 search cards). Why would I pattern it from that if I only have 4 search cards for this deck? This is a deck where 1-drops are also very important. That means I have to reduce my higher-cost characters to have a lot of 1-drops. Also, this is a “replace-a-resource” heavy deck, so I get to thin-out my deck to a point where I just replace a resource and the character I need goes to my resource row. But more on that later. Take note that all the characters have the “Secret Avengers” version (“Secret”… hehe), like any other Secret Avengers deck out there. LOL! On to the cards!

Iron Fist and Dagger are your standard 1-cost characters for this deck. Iron Fist rallies for a character card and Dagger burns for 3 endurance when rallied. You can’t beat those effects for this deck. ^_^

Cap is just awesome. If you miss dropped on a certain turn, you can just swarm up and recruit him last for a possibility of giving all your characters in play a +1/+1 counter. Hawkeye kills any opposing 1-drop in play, and Echo is a free character when rallied. And they are all concealed! The 2-cost characters of the affiliation Avengers just got way better with the Marvel Universe set.

Punisher may seem like a disadvantage for some decks because of his put on top of your deck payment power, but with all the rallies and replacing going on (to be explained later), it’s not really a disadvantage at all. I will still get to draw what I’m suppose to draw before Punisher is placed on top of the deck. Jessica is my backup 3, since her power can save me 3 endurance, and can be used for the costs of The Big Three and Call Down the Lightning. Cable is situational. I can use him to remove an annoying opposing character with his boosted effect off initiative or just save a character (or “abuse” Cap) on my side. Hence, he’s a one of. ^_^

My earlier versions had two of Human Torch and Storm each, since I want as many characters as possible when I’m needed (or forced) to underdrop/swarm. But Human Torch off initiative is just amazing. Most of the time, I have my 6 or 7 drop in hand when Human Torch is in play. That’s a burn for 6/7! Then when it’s my attack step, I can either replace a resource or use Atlantis Attacks! for a +6 or +7 ATK. Greater than a Savage Beatdown! Hence, I dropped Storm and put in two more HTs for more burn. ^_^


My good friend in the US gave me one of each of the 5-drops you see on the list as a birthday gift last May, so I’m awfully thankful for the SOB!! ^_^ (cursing him doesn’t insult him. we do that a lot to each other. well, I do that to a lot to my high school friends, and they’re fine with it… or gotten used to it. LOL) And I got the other 2 from the 2 boxes I ordered online, so it fits! ^_^ I went with two of each for this deck cause I only have 4 search cards… And I only have 2 of each. hahaha But even if I have a playset of both, I’d still put in just 2 of each. Wolverine’s effect is great when executed perfectly, and Spidey’s there for the annoying characters as well. He’s the “Only Human on a stick”! ^_^

13/14 that replaces 2 reservist resources? Nuff said. ^_^

I don’t really use Herc to attack. He’s there to boost up Luke Cage with three +1/+1 counters! On turn 7, you have a 15/15 character that doesn’t attack but you have a 16/17 character than can attack twice. Hey, that’s fine with me! Plus, Herc’s use is more of the fuel for Human Torch’s burn and Atlantis Attacks!, so there’s just two of him in the deck.

Some of the plot twists are self explanatory, so I’ll skip some.

Avengers Reassembled
What’s great about the Marvel Universe set is that not only did it have my favorite team (Warbound!), but they FINALLY gave the Avengers Reservist theme a search card! It is hard to find, (I only have 2 but 2 more are coming my way thanks to xMr. Lemon Headx of!! ^_^ What an awesome guy!) but they sure are worth the money! Even if the game is dead! >_< hahahaha!!

Call Down the Lightning
For Call Down the Lightning, I chose this over Above the Law because of the added defense boost. Sure, Above the Law will help me replace a lot more reservist resources, but the option of not getting stunned is a lot better for me than a possible +5 or +6 ATK (if you look at the cards, there are no leaders with a Secret Avengers version). And I want to replace my resources ASAP, so if I use Above the Law, it is not guaranteed that all my resources are reservists after all the replacing that I’ll be doing, so Call Down the Lightning is the better card for me. It does make my deck a Golden Age deck, but where I come from, we pretty much play GA all the time, so why not? hehe ^_^

No Man Escapes the Manhunters
I cannot always rely on Wolverine for hidden hate, so NMEtMH is there! -3 DEF is helpful, too! And it’s for the turn, so I can use it on a character then replace it with a card I’ll be explaining in a moment for those desperate times. And my deck’s in GA format anyway, so NMEtMH seems like a good choice for a hidden hate and pump all in one card! ^_^

Locations: Construction Site

Here is the card that really separates my deck from all the other reservist decks I’ve seen online and in general (meaning including Brotherhood LOL). Why this one when I can use better team-stamped locations or more plot twists? For a reservist deck, this card’s effect is almost like a “Draw a card”, and I do love cards that thin-out my decks! I can put a plot twist in my resource row, play it, then replace it for a possible character card, search card, or attack pump! And it replaces itself! You can get that Punisher you used to your resource row so you can draw what you’re suppose to draw. This card also saved me from underdropping on numerous occasions! (this is the “desperate times” I was talking about earlier) And you don’t have to boost Avengers Reassembled to get the character you searched. Just activate! Now isn’t that just plain awesome?

That’s about it for another new favorite deck of mine! Like I said, it is a very “replace-a-resource” heavy deck. So at some point, your deck will be less than half an inch left by the 5th or 6th turn. Meaning you get to use a lot more of your cards… And I love that! ^_^


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