D.I.W. – The End Of The World

This is probably the ONLY deck I have that has no “heart” and no “mulligan condition”. The sad part is that the only card [a playset of it] I need to have the actual deck came from DJL, which is nowhere to be found in this part of the world… ~_~ But still, I get to “use” a Warbound card that never [really never?] saw action.

Doom-Injustice Gang-Warbound – The End of the World

Characters: 32

1: 20
20x Infernal Minions, Army

2: 0

3: 8
4x Zazzala Queen Bee, Mistress of the Hive
4x Dr. Doom, Richards’s Rival

4: 0

5: 4
4x Hulk, Gladiator

Plot Twists:
4x The End of the World

4x Secret Files
4x Gang-Up, Team-Up
4x Infestation
4x Righteous Anger

4x Birthing Chamber
4x Hard-Light Storage Tank, Non-Unique

Basically, you just have to have a good opening hand. Maybe 2 Infernal Minions + Dr. Doom + any of the plot twists? I don’t know. Just go with your gut. Nice huh? =P

The End of the World
The whole point of the deck. When I saw this card, it was a meh reaction because I was thinking in a mono-Warbound perspective. But after a few seconds, an idea hit me. Injustice Gang. Why? Because of the following card.

Infernal Minions, Army
By looking at The End of the World‘s text:

To play, stun X [Warbound Icon] characters you control.
Put X +1/+1 counters on target Hulk.

and Infernal Minions’ text:

Whenever Infernal Minions becomes stunned, you may KO it. If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on target non-Army Injustice Gang character you control.

it is pretty self explanatory. ^_^ It’s like saying:

To play, stun X [Warbound Icon] characters you control and pay X endurance.
Put X+X +1/+1 counters on target Hulk.

Of course you can stun other characters instead of Infernal Minions, but you might want to limit the stunning to them [at the very least]. To be explained…

Zazzala Queen Bee, Mistress of the Hive

If Infernal Minions are going to be KO’d anyway, this character is needed badly. For the 1st four turns, the only character you will have in the visible area is Dr. Doom. Well, the way I play it anyway… Sure Zazzala can hang with Doom in the visible area, but I prefer her hidden so if my opponent has any KO tricks, he/she [more on the “he” part] will have to attack Zazzala there first or draw her out in the open. Anyway, since the only character you will have in the visible area is Dr. Doom, you will get beat up directly pretty badly. Zazzala can even up the score [literally?].

Dr. Doom, Richards’s Rival
He can search for any plot twist you might need. I prefer looking for the team-up since you really need to team up IG and Warbound, and Gang-Up makes you [and, sadly, your opponent] draw a card. That draw can make-or-break you, so just believe in the heart of your cards! [oh my freaking God… ~_~] Anyway, Doom’s only purpose in the deck is PT search, so teaming him up with the other two affiliations isn’t really necessary… Unless… You have a 2nd Gang-Up, you can add him to the casualties of The End of the World.

Hulk, Gladiator

It is, in my opinion, the optimal cost [and turn] to play Hulk. Plus, this is your only source of the Warbound affiliation, so this is the Hulk to be. So what if he virtually has a blank text? If you have a good draw, you can [at least] have a 18/18 Hulk by the 5th turn that may attack twice. ^_^

Hard-Light Storage Tank, Non-Unique
Since you need as many Infernal Minions as possible, you need this card. Any team attack [made possible by Infestation!] can make you drop 1 Infernal Minion in play. Awesome. And with Birthing Chamber, losing cards in hand will be no problem at all. My only problem, I have no playset of this. *cries*

That’s about it. Maybe I’ll ask the friendly people of vssystem.org for some improvements. They may come up with better cards for it or even a better deck. It’s all good ’cause it will still be Warbound. ^_^


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