Recover Crazy

I got an okay number of cards. A lot are X-Men. I’m not really a swarm guy, I’m more of a curve player. [I love curves..? hehe] Anyway, I gathered them cards, looked at some, and I had enough for a deck without removing cards from my X-Mental and my X-Force Curve [X-Men Assemble!’s]. Here it is:

X-Men Recovery [Curve]

Characters: 31

1: 1
1x Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster

2: 8
4x Longshot, Hero of Mojoworld
4x Gambit, Swamp Rat

3: 7
4x Xorn, Shen Xorn

3x Sage, Xavier’s Secret Weapon

4: 6
3x Havok, Critical Mass
3x Iceman, Frosty

5: 4
4x Wolverine, The Best at What He Does

6: 3
3x Storm, Elemental Goddess

7: 2
2x Juggernaut, The Unstoppable

Plot Twists: 23
4x Mobilize
4x Children of the Atom
4x Turnabout
4x Flying Kick
4x Poker Night
3x Bamf!

Locations: 6
4x Cerebro
2x Muir Island

And here I go…

Xorn, Shen Xorn
Another 3-drop that is the ‘heart’ of the deck. His ability is awesome! Recover him during the recovery phase and you can save 2 more characters during the phase [with Xorn’s ability and regular recovery]. He is a must set in ANY recovery deck.

Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster
I need a lot of X-Men character cards [for Gambit, CotA, and Muir], and with Cerebro, discarding the trickster would save an X-Men character from being discarded.

Why Cerebro? I lent my Cerebro 2.0 [Worthington Industries, X-Corp] to a friend of mine. Can’t trade them. I prefer them over the 1.0 ones. But since he has an X-Men Swarm deck, lending my precious locations won’t hurt me [much] and it would help him. I still have a set of Cerebros so it’s okay… ~_~
[don’t believe the smiley. haha]

Wolverine, The Best at What He Does

He auto-recovers. Nuff said. ^_^

Storm, Elemental Goddess
She gives my characters flight and has the option of removing flight for opposing characters. That’s good. Protect Xorn.


It is a recovery deck, but I don’t want to recover my characters ALL THE TIME… And this saves endurance, and I have 3 of them. It’s all good. ^_^

Turnabout and Flying Kick
The former for bully defense [or offense, maybe] and the latter for formation disruption. Especially for Wolverine, The Best at What He Does.


Worthington Industries, X-Corp
See Cerebro explanation

X-Men Assemble!

They’re in my X-Force Curve deck. If ever I would place a set of this in this deck, I’d replace Poker Night. Stun them, they grow. Yeah… ^_^

There were games where by the 6th turn, I have Longshot, Xorn, Havok, Wolverine, and Storm in play. Recovering Xorn reheeheeheeeeeeally helps the deck, either via Children of the Atom or Muir Island. Think about it: turn 5, recovery phase. Wolverine auto-recovers, recover Xorn via Children of the Atom or Muir Island, recover a 4drop via Xorn, and recover a 2drop via regular recovery. WOW. ^_^

That’s about it. Got 3 “cute” decks I made months ago, and I’ll share one within the week. hehehe An “MEV-Poor-Man’s” Marauders deck. Can’t really plainly say it is a “poor man’s” Marauders since it has Enemy of My Enemy and Savage Beatdown. hehehe


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