I Miss VS…

It’s been a little more than a year and a half since my last post. I doubt people are still reading this blog. But I guess this is gonna be my last post. A ‘eulogy’ as my friend said. (or until I’m inspired to make a new fun deck hehe) So, what can I possible talk about..?

A deck of course. It was what most of this blog talked about. [wow, past tense. *cries*] It’s about the last deck I built as VS System slowly died and went to tcg heaven… X-Force.

X-Force Curve

(Yes, curve. I don’t have any Cable rares so yey!! *cries*)

4x Bishop, Age of Apocalypse
4x Jean Grey, Teen Telepath

4x Domino, Probability Manipulator

1x Siryn, Theresa Cassidy

3x X-23, Genetic Miracle
2x Rictor, Julio Rictor

4x Cannonball, Samuel Guthrie

2x Cable, Temporal Traveler
1x Roberto da Costa Sunspot, Solar Flare

2x James Proudstar Warpath, Apache Warrior

1x Cable, Mutant Messiah

4x Mobilize
4x The Best At What They Do
4x Deathmatch
4x Black Box
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Poker Night
4x Pathetic Attempt
4x X-Men Assemble!, Age of Apocalypse

A question popped up when people saw my 2 drops: “They are not X-Force, why are they in the deck?” Answer: But the others [except for the 8drop Cable] are X-Men AND X-Men Assemble!. X-Force attacks. That’s their game. They will be stunned [except for Cannonball… but still], so why not reward their effort by making them grow? Exploit their secondary affiliation! ^_^ Bishop’s there for the obvious, but what about Jean Grey? I couldn’t find my Beast, Wild and Woolly, so might as well be a card that at least draws a card. Besides, with the exception of the Mutant Messiah, they are Mobilize-able. the 2 drops wont probably survive till 7, [unless it’s a great game for you], so you can still search for Cable 8 by 8. [and if it is a great game, you’d end it at 7. hehe]

This was not my first build. My first actually had:
-4x Bishop, Age of Apocalypse
-4x Jean Grey, Teen Telepath
-1x Rictor, Julio Rictor
-2x Cable, Temporal Traveler
-4x Savage Beatdown
-4x Pathetic Attempt
-4x X-Men Assemble!, Age of Apocalypse

+3x Pete Wisdom, Peter Paul Winston Wisdom
+3x Tabitha Smith, Boom Boom
+2x Caliban, Death
+1x Cable, Dayspring
+1x Roberto da Costa Sunspot, Solar Flare
+1x Wolverine, Unleashed
+4x Born to Run
+4x X-Men Don’t Kill
+4x Flying Kick

But this build was killing me because most of my characters are hidden. I added Poker Night for the reinforcement and the draw [since I really need the PTs, if I can’t search for them, might as well draw them]. Sunspot is there to fire back at attackers [pun intended], but it’s just not enough. Plus, I sometimes overuse my PTs. But with the new build, if they get stunned [specially off initiative, the visible ones of course] they get big with X-Men Assemble! Yey!! ^_^

Now, for the explanations:

Domino, Probability Manipulator
She is the heart of the deck. Funny, my 3 favorite decks [Family of Four, Warbound, X-Force] have 3 drops as their mulligan condition; the heart of the deck. haha Anyway, what I love about Domino:

Whenever you play a plot twist while an X-Force character you control is in combat, you may negate target effect from a non-ongoing plot twist.

She negates. NEGATES. Love that. Especially in X-Force, with all their combat pumps targeting opposing characters, they will be attracting Pathetic Attempts. With Domino: “What? Pathetic Attempt? NEGATE!” “What? Defense pump? NEGATE!” hahaha She is evil. ^_^

X-23, Genetic Miracle

One negates, one KOs. My GOD!! [But both hidden… Still… ^_^ hehe] I think I said the same thing about Brood before, but now I’m sticking with the girl that KOs. X-23’s ability is not that difficult to trigger. It’s part of the X-Force play. ‘Nuff said! ^_^

Cable, Temporal Traveler

He lets me reuse 2 plot twists in my resource row for the whole game. Those 2 PTs can be a game saver for me when I use them to negate an opposing effect with Domino. Why have him on 6 when it gets KO’d on 8? If I play my cards right, I can get Warpath upto 23/23. I’m good with two visible characters with 8drop sizes by turn 8.

Pathetic Attempt
It’s a deck that relies on PTs while in combat. Why have that? At first, it was to protect Domino. After all, like I said over and over and over, she is the heart of the deck. And with the new additions of the deck, PA can protect my X-Men Assemble!s…

I am thinking about replacing Poker Night with a combat pump. I mean, yeah, reinforcement and draw, but I can put a more useful card there. Like…

Plot Twist, Cost: 1
Target character gets +1 ATK this attack. When that character becomes stunned this attack, if Slobberknocker is in your resource row, you may turn Slobberknocker face down at the start of the recovery phase this turn.
MUN-324 – Common

Hello X-23! hehehe I’m getting a set of that from a dear friend of mine. [yeah… a lot of my cards are missing… *cries*]

A cool thing happened. Turn 7. Opponent’s initiative, opponent’s attack step. I have 3 PAs in hand and a face down Deathmatch. My opponent attacked Warpath. I played Deathmatch on Warpath, [yes, it is possible], responded with a PA, responding that PA with another PA, and responding the 2nd PA with the 3rd PA. I think that was legal, so hello 23/23! Brickwalled! hahaha See? Playing the cards right! ^_^ hahaha

*sighs* Those were the fun times. I miss the hobby leagues, opening boxes and packs, being happy or disappointed about a pack, the sleepless nights of how to make the deck properly work while there’s a math test the next day, and the like… Why oh why does VS have to die… šŸ˜¦

I might make an MKKO deck, but y’all know what that deck is about. There’s nothing special about what I’m gonna build. [Got Mobilizes but no Wild Rides. Still good…]

I guess here’s where I end… Got nothing more to say about X-Force or any other decks I have or will build. Maybe, I’ll just end this with:

*lifts imaginary beer bottle* Here’s to VS System, the greatest card game ever supported and abandoned by a company [yes offense], the best game with the best card game system, the best game EVER. [Many people will say Magic is the greatest since it is still alive, but think about this: a lot of GREAT people died early… Yeah, that’s all I got. HAHAHAHAHAHA]


7 Responses to “I Miss VS…”

  1. Recover Crazy « Gotenks’ VS System Blog :) Says:

    […] cards, looked at some, and I had enough for a deck without removing cards from my X-Mental and my X-Force Curve [X-Men Assemble!'s]. Here it […]

  2. Jed Says:

    The game might have been discontinued, but I for one am still in love with it, and reading all I can find on it. I don’t understand how ude abandoned such a great game.

  3. Gotenks Says:

    Me too! I still love the game, but sadly, I may be the only one who’s gonna spend time and money on it. I just heard that a friend of mine gave up on VS already. [and he was the last 10k Champ here in the Philippines. the guy who drafted and played with a 37-card deck. haha] And with his retirement, another friend [who, along with me, planned to buy cards online by December] won’t buy cards anymore. *sighs* So sad… šŸ˜¦

    From what I can remember, I think UDE focused more on World of Warcraft. Dunno why though…

    I heard that the new Marvel game [the one that’s based on the Marvel movies] never got launched. This is mean but I found that hilarious. ^_^ [serves them right for giving up on VS]

  4. Jed Says:

    You guys shouldn’t quit. A bunch of us at vssystem.org are still playing and discussing the game. We play casual online via magic workstation. There are 3 new sets that have been developed by the council, and they run online tournaments regularly.

    Would love to see you there if you are not on it already.

  5. Gotenks Says:

    I appreciate what the council did [making new sets], but I kinda prefer cards that I can hold after playing with it in MWS. I am open minded though, and I was thinking about going over those 3 sets by this weekend. ^_^

    Haven’t tried playing against anyone in vssystem.org via MWS. I assumed they all use cards from the new sets, and I haven’t updated mine.

    • Jed Says:

      I joined the vssystem.org community only a few days ago. They all seem to be nice, and although there are tournaments for the new fan sets, there are many people who play everyday on MWS who can play you with both regular decks or fanset decks.

    • warren Says:

      guys r u selling some of your deck txt me im willing to buy some decks here is my no.09163597669 warren

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