A Hulk-y Christmas

I noticed something. I blog about my favorite decks during Christmas. [That would be two times only; last year and this year hehe] Moving on!

I was surfing the net, reading other blogs, and I stumbled upon Planet Kalee. It is vsrealmer KaleeshWarrior’s blog. I saw some of his latest posts and read his The Great Vs. Resolution #29: Injustice Gang. At the end, he has a list of his favorite decks [or deck builds], and at the top spot is Warbound. Yeah. Warbound. A man after my own beatdown heart. hehe

He posted his decklist, and it was kinda similar to my list. [aren’t all Warbound builds alike? πŸ˜› haha] That inspired me to blog about my decklist. So, here it is!

Warbound [no fancy name for this… yet πŸ™‚ hehe]

Modern Age: DWF-MUN

Characters: 31
1: 0

2: 7
4x Miek, The Unhived
3x Rick Jones, Monster’s Best Friend

3: 9
4x Hiroim, The Shamed
1x Hulk, Exile
4x Archangel, Champion [“Flying Kick”]

4: 5
4x Hulk, Green Scar

1x Brood, Brood Creature 2 of 6

5: 4
2x Korg, Kronan Warrior
2x Hulk, Gladiator

6: 3
2x Hulk, The Green King
1x Caiera, The Oldstrong

7: 2
1x Hulk, Sakaar’son
1x Hercules, Secret Avenger

8: 1
1x Hulk, Worldbreaker

[# of Hulk: 11]

Plot Twists: 23
4x Warbound to the End
4x Mobilize
4x Bloodsport
4x Pathetic Attempt
4x Righteous Anger
3x Hulk Smash!

Locations: 6
4x Imperial Dreadnaught
2x The Great Arena

There! haha That’s my build! I’ll break it down for y’all. πŸ˜€

Mulligan condition: Hiroim or a 2-drop with Mobilize. Why him? He gives invulnerability to Hulk. My first list was about the 3-drop Hulk [Exile] and going non-Hulk from 4-6. That was a bit dumb, and it hurts a lot when I drop a bigger Hulk and use Righteous Anger. So to save endurance, Hiroim is the drop to be. And I can gain life with the Imperial Dreadnaught-on-Hulk minicombo. πŸ™‚


– No 1-drops: I said in my early Warbound entry that the 1-drops of Warbound are a must in a deck. Well, I tried to fit them in the deck, but I would have to remove some key plot twists to have room for them. That’s a no-no for me. haha And they [esp. Mastermind Excello] would be a liability if I’m up against a exhaust-freak-deck like Doom, Spidey, and/or X-Stall. And he would interfere in 4-drop Hulk’s ability.

– 2-drops: I stick to my word [this time hehe] that Miek is must-set in a deck. Automatic Blind Sided! haha 3 copies for Rick only, cause I don’t have room for a 4th. [but then again, I won’t put in a 4th] haha

– 3-drops: Just like Invisible Woman, Hiroim is the life of the deck, literally. He saves a lot of endurance because of his power! A set of Archangels is not bad, cause he’s a searchable pump. He’s just the back-up of the back-up just in case. I have one 3-drop Hulk, another just in case. What if I don’t have a character at the recruit step of the 3rd turn and I have Warbound to the End in my hand? See? Just in case…

– 4-drops: I recently completed a playset of Hulk [Green Scar], so I put in a SET of him! haha Brood is just there for meta-purposes. [Hellfire Club, B.P.R.D., etc.]

– 5-drops: Here’s where it gets flexible. I can drop any of the two. But, to be more fun, Korg is my drop if I have initiative and Hulk [Gladiator] off-init.Why Korg? Won’t it be a pain for the opponent to do damage on the 6th turn with an invulnerable, recovering, 17/17 Hulk? πŸ™‚ [of course I have to have Hulk 4-drop if I will recruit Korg. If I have Brood, Gladiator is the drop to be.]

– 6-drops: Here’s where I was really wrong. Hulk [The Green King] is the BOMB. At least a 16/16 [if exile was KO’d] on turn 6 with additional powers, depending on who I recruited and removed from the game. I will admit that I never expected it and I’m asking The Green King for forgiveness. You rock! Caiera is still there, but I’m thinking of replacing her with a 3rd 6-drop Hulk, since I have a Herc on 7 as a back-up.

– 7-drops: Of course, they’re the only 7-drops of the team. One of each is fine, Hulk for anti stall and Herc for the finishing touch.

– 8-drop: DUH.

Plot Twists:

– the Search cards: I have to have 8. It can also search for Archangel if I want to smash the opponent for the win. πŸ™‚

– Righteous Anger and Pathetic Attempt: RA is there to protect Hulk and to ready him. DUH right? PA is there for a lot of reasons: It protects me, Hulk, and the rest of the Warbound characters. The latter is very important especially if my opponent will KO them before I remove them from the game.

– Bloodsport and Hulk Smash!: Come on… These are also auto-includes in a deck. Bloodsport for D [usually on the 6th turn] and Hulk Smash! for offense. Well, I only have 3x Hulk Smash!, and I don’t think I can have more room for a 4th. Still works for me! πŸ™‚


– Imperial Dreadnaught: It gives flight, stuns my Warbound characters for free, give life when Hiroim is removed from the game, and a Terraform. A must-set. πŸ˜€

– The Great Arena: I recently removed this for 2x Omnipotence, but either is fine. It’s one of two PA-able effects I have and if the opponent can’t PA it, it exhausts an opposing character and burns. With the Hiroim-ID-Hulk minicombo, I don’t have to worry about endurance.

There you have it. It’s my beloved Warbound deck. I sooooo love this team, even though it doesn’t dominate in the US or here. It’s beatdown and control-ish, and it can stand up to curve and/or team-attack based decks! [provided if I have an OKAY hand, at least.] haha

One time, I really had a bad game, where on the 6th turn, I only have the 4-drop Hulk, with Hiroim and Korg removed, against a full-on Kree board and it’s there initiative! HOLY…! haha It doesn’t win ALL the games I play, but I still have fun with it. For a place where VS was no longer supplied by UDE, I’m very lucky to have built [and completed] my deck. Thanks to my friends, too! hehe πŸ™‚




3 Responses to “A Hulk-y Christmas”

  1. fullbodytransplant Says:

    Great stuff.

    Happy Holidays indeed!

  2. Gotenks Says:

    Thanks sir! πŸ™‚

    Happy Holidays! πŸ™‚

  3. richard sevillo Says:

    If you are disposing some of your cards just send me an email. m buying vs cards

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