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This past Wednesday, we had our Golden Age hobby league. We all agreed that we would play non-broken & non-dominant [for lack of a better term?] decks, so that creativity or other less played affiliations will have the chance to show themselves. I was planning on bringing and testing my version of X-Mental [which kinda sucks when I playtested it hehe], but with our playgroup’s arrangement, I brought my Hellfire Club deck instead.

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The Hellfire Club
Characters: 30
1: 5
4x Hellfire Club Initiate, Army
1x Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster

2: 4
4x Sage, Tessa

3: 8
4x Mastermind, Dark Dreamer
4x Tarot, Hellion

4: 5
3x Madelyne Pryor, Black Rook
2x Blackheart, Black King

5: 4
4x Shinobi Shaw, White King

6: 3
2x Donald Pierce, White Bishop
1x Magneto, Black Lord

7: 1
1x Sebastian Shaw, Black King

Plot Twists: 23
4x Join the Club!
4x Army of One
4x Pathetic Attempt
4x Power and Wealth
3x Deadly Game
2x Absolute Power
1x Power Play
1x Press the Attack

Locations: 7
3x Shaw Industries
2x The Hellfire Club
1x Rook Control
1x Sewer System

This is my Hellfire Club deck – or as Peter (lionboy) calls it, the You Can’t See Me! deck. haha It’s just like most of the standard HFC curve decks out there, with a little twist. Here they are:

– More Mental: I opted for Tarot, Hellion rather than Harry Leland, Black Bishop because of Sage’s power. It’s true that I can put in District X, but it would be a disadvantage for me cause I may have no room for it in my resource row or if I have no mental cards in hand, I can only use Sage during the combat phase. I might miss out on an important card that I may only play before combat (like a character or Power Play). And I got lucky with her, too. At the 1st round of our HL, her ability was successful about 3 out 4 times. 😀 hehehe

– Pathetic Attempt: Need I say more? 😛 haha I hate cards like No Man Escapes the Manhunters, cause it hurts Hellfire so much! That’s why PA is there… And to protect my locations… Well, PA is like a staple in ALMOST every deck.

– Press the Attack: Makes my 5 or 6-drop to attack twice. Good, right? 😀

– Rook Control: It’s a Checkmate card right?! Well, its generic effect is what I like about the card…

“Activate -> Move a hidden character you control to your visible area. blah blah blah…

I don’t have to use 2 The Hellfire Clubs to switch two characters (which I do on turn 7 for Sebastian Shaw) or depend too much on Deadly Game. If I luckily drew on this card and The Hellfire Club, then I can discard Deadly Game for Sage’s power with no hesitation. 😀

I was thinking of putting a 2nd Sebastian Shaw and 2 Omnipotence, but I have no room for the latter. The former, I think I can remove 1 Tarot for him. But the thing is, I don’t have a 2nd Sebastian Shaw. haha! I think he’s easy enough to find…

Now that I used this deck last HL (and went 2nd out of 6), I have to think of another rarely used deck of mine for this Tuesday’s hobby league. Hmm… In Da Club? 😀 haha!


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