Back for the Nth time

It has been months since my last post, and it was about an incomplete match-up with my Warbound against Mark’s X-Statix. I kinda lost the paper of the 2nd match. I’m still looking for it…

We played again last Friday (Dec.12). It was Warbound against an updated X-Statix and X-Stall. I wanted to know how Hulk will do with those decks and he challenged me, too. So I’m game! (after n months… =P haha) I didn’t write everything down, since we were in a hurry to finish the 2 matches.


Warbound faired well against its fellow loner. Hulk was down in the endurance department, even with Hiroim removed from the game. But in the 8th turn, the Worldbreaker lock was in place. I was just waiting for a Righteous Anger to show up, but Mark scooped cause we were in a hurry. haha

X-Stall was a pain in the neck, especially when I only control 1 character. I was basically exhausted the whole time, Hiroim was still in play till the 6th turn, when Imperial Dreadnaught showed up. I drew 3 Pathetic Attempts. I used one on the 5th turn so I can attack, and the other 2 to save me from Galactus on turns 9 and 10. I used Omnipotence and named Jean Grey. Dunno if that was the right choice though. On the 10th turn, In didn’t know what to do, since I have no PA in hand and using Hulk-8 would be pointless again since Mark can pick up Galactus with Avalon for the 11th turn. But I drew into a Mobilize, so that got me thinking. It was the 10th turn, Mark’s initiative. He already played Galactus, making me use my 3rd PA, the last one in my hand. It was make or break, so I used Worldbreaker for the 3rd time, KOing all his characters. Then, I searched for the 6-drop Hulk, KOing the 8-drop. With no characters to attack or defend with, I directly attacked Mark with a 21/21 Hulk with 2x Hulk Smash! played. Game over. Whew. hehe

Those were 2 great games. Maybe I should retire my Hulk for a while, even though I love that team and theme. hehe

I played my Hellfire Club deck at last Wednesday’s HL. [my friend said I lack two more “loner” decks; X-Statix and Hellboy haha] It did fairly well, going 2nd out of 6 players. I always have “cool” tricks with my Hellfire Club and/or In Da Club [Hellfire-Inhumans] decks. I love my Hellfire Club! šŸ™‚

That’s all for now. Got an early X-Mas party to go to. [with psych majors hehe] šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Back for the Nth time”

  1. graymalkin Says:

    nice entry! ^_^

    i’m finally back online, hopefully for the long term this time =P

  2. Gotenks Says:

    I’ll be waiting for a blog entry, sir! =P haha

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