A Hulk-y Christmas

I noticed something. I blog about my favorite decks during Christmas. [That would be two times only; last year and this year hehe] Moving on!

I was surfing the net, reading other blogs, and I stumbled upon Planet Kalee. It is vsrealmer KaleeshWarrior’s blog. I saw some of his latest posts and read his The Great Vs. Resolution #29: Injustice Gang. At the end, he has a list of his favorite decks [or deck builds], and at the top spot is Warbound. Yeah. Warbound. A man after my own beatdown heart. hehe

He posted his decklist, and it was kinda similar to my list. [aren’t all Warbound builds alike? 😛 haha] That inspired me to blog about my decklist. So, here it is!

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Join the Club!

This past Wednesday, we had our Golden Age hobby league. We all agreed that we would play non-broken & non-dominant [for lack of a better term?] decks, so that creativity or other less played affiliations will have the chance to show themselves. I was planning on bringing and testing my version of X-Mental [which kinda sucks when I playtested it hehe], but with our playgroup’s arrangement, I brought my Hellfire Club deck instead.

[image taken from spider-bob.com]
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Back for the Nth time

It has been months since my last post, and it was about an incomplete match-up with my Warbound against Mark’s X-Statix. I kinda lost the paper of the 2nd match. I’m still looking for it…

We played again last Friday (Dec.12). It was Warbound against an updated X-Statix and X-Stall. I wanted to know how Hulk will do with those decks and he challenged me, too. So I’m game! (after n months… =P haha) I didn’t write everything down, since we were in a hurry to finish the 2 matches.

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