The Clash of the Old and the New

Two weeks ago, Albert [kimimaru in] and I playtested our decks, his Revenge Squad against my Warbound. Yup, I’m still playing my Warbound! haha Anyway, as our second game started, Mark [Ozawabinladen] said that my Warbound should fight his X-Statix. The new loner deck vs the old loner deck. That sounded great! So after one week [this past Sautrday to be precise], Warbound and X-Statix clashed.

Mario [carebuggers] piloted his brother’s X-Statix. Sadly, it was the old deck; no Mobilize or Pathetic Attempt. It’s really old. So it was kinda unfair, but we still played. I told them to update it and play it again this Saturday so it will be more fun to play against. hehe

Round 1
Mario won the die roll and opted to go first. He kept his hand while I chose to mulligan.

Turn 1:
We both placed our resources and passed.

Turn 2:
I placed a resource and passed while Mario recruited a boosted Phat (William Reilly). I took the hit directly.

Mario = 50 / Me = 47

Turn 3:
Mario recruited Orphan (Guy Smith) while I underdropped with Miek (The Unhived). Phat attacked Miek for a mutual stun. (Mario = 49 / Me = 43) I removed Miek from the game. Then Mario played Mutant of the Year, KOing Phat to gain 2 and then attacked directly with Orphan.

Mario = 51 / Me = 37

Turn 4:
I played Warbound to the End and searched for Hulk (Green Scar) while Mario recruited U-Go-Girl (Tragic Teleporter) and returned Orphan to his hand. I attacked U-Go-Girl with Hulk. Mario flipped X-Statix Café so U-Go-Girl is now 9/9. I played a Hulk Smash to make Hulk 16/7. Double stun.

Mario = 40 / Me = 33

Turn 5:
Mario placed a resource and passed [maybe he wouldn’t if he had Mobilize] while I played Korg (Kronan Warrior), placing him beside Hulk in the front row. Mario attacked Hulk with a 9/9 U-Go-Girl. I did nothing. (Mario = 40 / Me = 27) Korg attacked U-Go-Girl for a mutual stun. I removed Korg from the game. At the end of the turn, Mario KO’d U-G-Girl.

Mario = 35 / Me = 22

Turn 6:
I recruited Hulk (The Green King) and gained 4 +1/+1 counters while Mario recruited Zeitgeist (Axel Cluney). At the start of the combat phase, Mario used Zeitgeist’s ability and I countered with a Pathetic Attempt. Hulk attacked Zeitgeist with the help of an Archangel and a Hulk Smash (28/17). (Mario = 15 / Me = 22) I played a Righteous Anger and got Mario to the negatives.

Warbound Wins.

I forgot my notes for the 2nd round, but I also won that. I’ll edit this entry soon by posting the 2nd round. I hope they remember to modify the X-Statix deck so the next time the two will square off, it will be more fun. Golden vs Modern. hehe 🙂

By the way, Happy Birthday, GINO! hahahaha


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