The Clash of the Old and the New

Two weeks ago, Albert [kimimaru in] and I playtested our decks, his Revenge Squad against my Warbound. Yup, I’m still playing my Warbound! haha Anyway, as our second game started, Mark [Ozawabinladen] said that my Warbound should fight his X-Statix. The new loner deck vs the old loner deck. That sounded great! So after one week [this past Sautrday to be precise], Warbound and X-Statix clashed.

Mario [carebuggers] piloted his brother’s X-Statix. Sadly, it was the old deck; no Mobilize or Pathetic Attempt. It’s really old. So it was kinda unfair, but we still played. I told them to update it and play it again this Saturday so it will be more fun to play against. hehe

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