Exams Are Over!

Well, they were over since August 15, so I was just a bit careless with my blog. hehe

Nothing much happened for the past 2 weeks… in terms of VS. The Hobby Leagues at Xtended Play [or XP for short] are non-existent since there are no Marvel Universe packs for prizes. And we are sooooo sick of MAA cards. haha Maybe, by the end of September [assuming, at the latest], we will have MUN boxes for our HLs. I’m also getting sick of drafting Infinite Crisis [or pre-Legends packs] in some HLs at Neutral Grounds. I don’t need DCR and I don’t like drafting, but I miss VS that much. So might as well… 😦

I do have a problem. My friend [Jarry] and I have 4x Mobilizes and 4x EoME… all in all. haha Yup, we share our cards. It’s one way of keeping up with the competitive side and the fun side of VS. Anyway, since we both share those cards, if ever there’s a tournament in the future, one of us will have to sacrifice using Mobilize so the other can use it. Jarry’s most competitive deck is his Marvel Knights burn, which I tried to convince him to turn it into MKKO [but he hates people trying to tell him how to build his deck so I stopped trying… haha], so I know he’s gonna need the 4x Mobilize. So I have to sacrifice the Mobs…

Now the problem: Almost all my competitive decks are mono-team decks. Some need Mobilize, some survive without Mobilize and rely on luck and Yu-Gi power. [haha!] My Warbound deck needs 8 search cards to work properly, cause I have the worst luck in curve decks. If I were to sacrifice Mobilize for my friend and use EoME, what fun and competitive deck can I build? I often stare blankly at a wall [any wall haha] just thinking about a team-up deck that would be fun to play with and also be competitive. I hope I can think of a great team-up soon, or I might resort to Checkmate-_(any affiliation here)_… Oh no! [Peace, Checkmate lovers out there. haha]

Since there are no VS HLs, I feared of dying due to boredom. So I tried the “new” tcg Bleach. It’s kinda like Magic [almost all tcgs are, right?], but there is a separate “resource” step which you have the option of placing two “resources”, drawing two cards, or place a resource and draw a card. No more mana screw. hehe Anyway, it’s a fun game. I get to play my favorite soul reapers in the anime. Sadly, it drains a lot of cash from my student-size wallet. The deck of my favorite soul reaper, Hitsugaya Toshiro, requires a lot of rares, even more than my Warbound deck. That’s just sad… So I made a “cheaper” deck with Abarai Renji as my guardian. His ability is to search for the sword [or zanpakutō] of any soul reaper that comes into play. That’s the closest that I’ll get to playing Toshiro. I’m not gonna invest in Bleach, cause all the staple cards are SOOOOOO expensive and hard to find, literally.

So why play at all? If I ever think like the way my friend Peter does, it would be like: Bleach is like the girl you had one night stand with while your girlfriend [VS] is away. Or something like that. haha Well, maybe I’ll just improve on my Renji deck, make a janky student’s deck, and that is it. Still VS for me! haha

Damn, another long post. I’ll end it here! haha!


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