Killing Time

The things that happened so far:

– My Inhumans-Secret Society was burned badly by a Crime Lords deck. [damn Red Skull] But it KO’s reheeheeheeeally well, so that idea is still good. hehe Dennis (Lost) pointed out that I lack range and flight. He’s right. Time to change my deck!

– I’m itching to build a Checkmate-JSA or Checkmate-Villains United deck. [preferably the former] But the thing is, it’s Checkmate. haha [peace, Checkmate lovers] But the deck is really awesome. I just want a competitive DC deck. [cause my 3 DC decks are categorized into a fun deck, an annoying deck, and a lousy deck *cough* *Legionnaires* *cough*]

– My Warbound was beaten badly by an Avengers deck. The 3-drop Hulk killed me. I had no characters from turns 1 and 2 and I had to use my only search card [at that time] to search for a Hulk to discard. Damn. But with my deck, I have to have a Hulk on 4 [the 3 drop preferably] so I can abuse Brood’s ability early. I need an idea… An original idea. I like the concept of KardKrazy’s Hulk Stall, I’m just lacking 2 4-drop Hulks [my second Hulk is still in New Zealand… *cough* *send the package now Lost* *cough*] Wow, that’s a long cough. haha But I want my own idea… *sighs*

That’s all! Gotta go!


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