“Funny As Hell”

Check out this pic that I saw in my friend’s multiply journal entry.

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Exams Are Over!

Well, they were over since August 15, so I was just a bit careless with my blog. hehe

Nothing much happened for the past 2 weeks… in terms of VS. The Hobby Leagues at Xtended Play [or XP for short] are non-existent since there are no Marvel Universe packs for prizes. And we are sooooo sick of MAA cards. haha Maybe, by the end of September [assuming, at the latest], we will have MUN boxes for our HLs. I’m also getting sick of drafting Infinite Crisis [or pre-Legends packs] in some HLs at Neutral Grounds. I don’t need DCR and I don’t like drafting, but I miss VS that much. So might as well… 😦

I do have a problem. My friend [Jarry] and I have 4x Mobilizes and 4x EoME… all in all. haha Yup, we share our cards. It’s one way of keeping up with the competitive side and the fun side of VS. Anyway, since we both share those cards, if ever there’s a tournament in the future, one of us will have to sacrifice using Mobilize so the other can use it. Jarry’s most competitive deck is his Marvel Knights burn, which I tried to convince him to turn it into MKKO [but he hates people trying to tell him how to build his deck so I stopped trying… haha], so I know he’s gonna need the 4x Mobilize. So I have to sacrifice the Mobs…

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Killing Time

The things that happened so far:

– My Inhumans-Secret Society was burned badly by a Crime Lords deck. [damn Red Skull] But it KO’s reheeheeheeeally well, so that idea is still good. hehe Dennis (Lost) pointed out that I lack range and flight. He’s right. Time to change my deck!

– I’m itching to build a Checkmate-JSA or Checkmate-Villains United deck. [preferably the former] But the thing is, it’s Checkmate. haha [peace, Checkmate lovers] But the deck is really awesome. I just want a competitive DC deck. [cause my 3 DC decks are categorized into a fun deck, an annoying deck, and a lousy deck *cough* *Legionnaires* *cough*]

– My Warbound was beaten badly by an Avengers deck. The 3-drop Hulk killed me. I had no characters from turns 1 and 2 and I had to use my only search card [at that time] to search for a Hulk to discard. Damn. But with my deck, I have to have a Hulk on 4 [the 3 drop preferably] so I can abuse Brood’s ability early. I need an idea… An original idea. I like the concept of KardKrazy’s Hulk Stall, I’m just lacking 2 4-drop Hulks [my second Hulk is still in New Zealand… *cough* *send the package now Lost* *cough*] Wow, that’s a long cough. haha But I want my own idea… *sighs*

That’s all! Gotta go!