An Inhumane Society

I got bitten by the blogging bug again. This time, I’m typing this entry in Microsoft Word and then I’m gonna copy-paste this tomorrow [July 31, which should be today hehe]. I got the Doogie Howser MD theme, looped, as my “background” sound, too. haha

Anyway, onto the entry. This time, I’m going control, not beatdown. Last Saturday, as we were drafting DCL, it was understood that we get to keep the commons and uncommons we draft. That day, I finally got my 4th Poison Ivy [Intoxicating]! Yeah, THAT LONG. haha So, I got excited on how I could abuse her. I tried going mono-Secret Society, but it felt plain. So I then tried to think of ways to protect Ivy [teamed-up or mono] to really abuse her. Then, I remembered Luna Maximoff. And I started from there and ended up here:

Characters: 27

3x Lockjaw, Inhuman’s Best Friend
3x Luna Maximoff
2x Uatu the Watcher
1x Chemo
1x Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster
1x Charaxes, Moth Monster
4x Poison Ivy, Intoxicating
4x Thing, Rockhead
1x Sinestro, Yellow Lantern
2x Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
1x Blackbolt, King of the Inhumans
1x Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans
1x Quicksilver, Terragenesis Rebirth
1x Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas
1x Darkseid, Dark God

Plot Twists: 26

4x Enemy of My Enemy
4x Straight to the Grave
4x Extended Family
4x Lanterns in Love
4x Finishing Move
3x Savage Beatdown
3x Unnatural Selection

Locations: 7

3x Slaughter Swamp
1x Satellite HQ
1x The Klyn
1x The Substructure
1x UN Building

[Aaaaaaaaaaahh… the wonders of Enemy of My Enemy… 🙂 nyahaha]

Now, why the build:

1 drops:
When teamed-up, Lockjaw serves as the tertiary search card. And to search for Inhumans characters from the start. hehe Luna is obviously there to hide Ivy, so I can abuse her all I want. [and that sounded so wrong hahaha] Uatu is just there to annoy my opponents. On a good hand, I can have Lockjaw on 1, and Luna and Uatu on 2. That’s cool!

2 drop:
Well, Charaxes is there for “in case of emergency, break glass” situations. With Savage Beatdowns in the deck, he can stun higher cost characters for a small price of 2 stun endurance loss… and a Savage Beatdown or 2. haha

3 drop:
Poison Ivy, the life of the deck. Without her, it’s just an ordinary team-up of 2 affiliations with no synergy and / or nothing in common.

4 drops:
Thing is my primary, since he can easily be teamed-up with UN Building or be a huge guy with Extended Family. With him on 4 along with a team-up, I can start the abuse. Sinestro is there for the flight and range to characters I control. Or, he’s also a “in case of emergency, break glass” character. hehe

5 drops:
With a bad hand, Black Manta is my savior. What? I want to beatdown twice? Play SB from hand, pay 3, play again. That’s where Charaxes may come in handy. Or he get a valuable non-character card. Black Bolt is there to annoy people, too. Place him beside a cosmic-powered Thing and you have two 5 drops in play; one with a small defense and one with a 2-digit D. Evil. haha

6 drops:
On initiative, Quicksilver is your main man. Having all your resources face up by turn 6 is somehow easy for this deck. Off initiative, the answer is obvious.

7 drop:
With a lot of important non-character cards to be played, the King of the Seven Seas is a must in the deck. Especially with a deck like this.

8 drop:
“Just in case” also. hehe

Now, what’s the theme of this deck?

Board Advantage.

Okay, I have a lot of one drops in play and hidden. So what do they do?

They’re the food for the plot twists like Lanterns in Love, Finishing Move, and Unnatural Selection. [and the Klyn, cause I only have 3 Unnatural Selections and it’s a terraform] Some may say “this is useless, since Pathetic Attempt kills this deck’s ‘theme’”, but I say this: “Try PA-ing them. I got 8 of them character killers. Twice more than the number of PAs you have. Also, if I can’t KO them with the plot twists, I’ll get them by stunning them with my characters. I can have more that you!” [except if my opponent also has recovery tricks haha]

Another thing, The Substructure is also useful. Say I have no way of discarding a 1 drop. I can place it on my resource row and activate The Substructure. I get to filter my deck by 1 card and have my 1 drop in my KO’d pile at the same time! I just love cards that filter decks! haha!!

There you have it. It’s not a competitive deck. Just pure fun. hehe I wish I could put in Exploiting the Flaw, but I think I have to remove Savage Beatdown for that. Anyway… Now I have to test this on Saturday! Wish me luck! haha


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