Just A Minor Update

What the title says. haha

A while back, we were had a problem with our Marvel Universe stocks, since MUN was soooooo underprinted. We had to resort to buying boxes in Ebay. Thanks to my good friend Andrew [spooky2799 in vs.skillze.com], I got a box. I had a good one. From what I remember, It had:

Captain America, Champion License
Captain America, Living Legend
Avengers Reassembled
Bullseye, Lester
Bullseye, Closer to God
The Zeus
Collect Them All! [foil]
Dangerous Liaison
Unregistered Combatants
Ares, Mighty Avenger [not sure]
Thing, Conscientious Objector
Thor, Cyborg Clone
Head Case, Sean Madigan * A.I.M.
James Barnes Winter Soldier, Communist Puppet * RAID
Mandarin, Tem Borjigin
Cosmic Cube
Warbound to the End
Blastaar, The Living Bomb Burst
Wave of Destruction
The Elektra Situation
Loki, Loki Laufeyson [foil]
Quicksilver, House of M
James Barnes Bucky, Kid Commando
Maverick, Christoph Nord
Frog of Thunder
Superhuman Registration Act

It’s just one box, so I guess I should remember. haha I traded everything non-Warbound for Warbound. I’m left now with Mandarin, Thing, and Maverick. What a box! haha

Word now is that they’ll reprint MUN, which is great! Well, I don’t need another box since my Warbound deck is almost finish. Yeah! I’m so lucky that almost no one expressed any interest in Hulk and his Warbound buddies. [well, there’s Omnicresence] I need more of my friends to buy boxes so that I can ask for a Hulk Smash!, two more Hulk [Green Scar, the 4drop], and 1 more Mastermind Excello! [like I said, what a box! hahahaha] What can I do? I’m just a student with a small allowance. 😦

I had a great month for VS. My Warbound is almost complete. I’m just waiting for some more Warbound cards from Leonard [leon2o in vs.skillze.com], who lives in New Zealand.

We drafted the last DCL box in Neutral Grounds [Robinsons Galleria] yesterday, where our prizes were a Joker Playmat, Batman 6drop EA, 2 BGYT EAs, and the rares from the DCL box. [we also draft the rares of the box after the ‘tournament’ by our ‘tourney’ order] There were only 6 players, and I won! Again! haha Beast Boy [Freak of Nature], Call of the Wild, Teen Titans Tower, Home Surgery, and 2x Teen Titans Go! for the win! I had a play where, on turn 6, I team attacked a 4drop with Beast Boy and Wally West [5drop]. Wally got stunned. I played a Teen Titans Go! from the resource row, then played a Home Surgery to recover Wally, and then another Teen Titans Go! to ready both. I used Wally’s Ability to attack a hidden IG 6drop with the help of Titans Tower for a +4 ATK. And a 15/15 Beast Boy attacked a 5drop Darkseid and he grew to 18/18. haha What a lucky day! πŸ™‚ hehe

So I got the playmat, my first ever, and I drafted a Superman [Founding Member] and a foil Research and Development. Why only two rares? Our drafting system bounces. 1st-last will draft the prizes [just like in the NBA πŸ™‚ hehe], then last-1st, then 1st-last, and you get the idea. haha At first I thought we only had the non-bouncing draft, since we included the EAs in our draft picks. But I’m okay with the bounce, since I got the playmat! [which is also part of the draft pick prizes]

Now, I’m a Beatdown Challenge Champ and a City Champ. [unofficial City Champ?] Who cares?? The playmat says it all! haha

The Champ is back! hahaha


5 Responses to “Just A Minor Update”

  1. carebuggers Says:

    Wow, me page na din, haha.

    Congratz Gotenks! Great work on making the Titans draft work. Wish we still had more opportunities to draft DCL but alas, that probably was the last DCL draft in the entire world, haha.

  2. Gotenks Says:

    haha I’ll try to blog more often. Gotta take advantage of the “free” internet here. hehe

    And thanks, carebuggers! I hope it’s not the last DC set draft ever! I still want DC in VS! πŸ™‚

    And we do have a draft tomorrow [Wednesday at NG]. Maybe a crossover of DJL-DCR-DCL draft! haha Chaos for the win! hahahaha

  3. zabimaru Says:

    wow, gratz Gotenks! i feel sad that you traded the Caps away, but i really can’t blame you, hahaha… keep up the good work! ^_^

  4. Ozawa Bin Laden Says:

    Ozawa thinks we should consider calling you …
    Gotenks the Champ … from now on. Hehe.
    Congrats on the win!
    Hopefully … more to come.

  5. Gotenks Says:

    zabimaru- Thanks! Don’t worry. IF we have HLs with MUN as prizes, I’ll draft Caps for you! haha [IF…] hahaha πŸ™‚

    ozawa- Sobra naman. hehe I think I bragged too much, but hey, it’s my blog! haha Thanks too, Ozawa! πŸ™‚

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