An Inhumane Society

I got bitten by the blogging bug again. This time, I’m typing this entry in Microsoft Word and then I’m gonna copy-paste this tomorrow [July 31, which should be today hehe]. I got the Doogie Howser MD theme, looped, as my “background” sound, too. haha

Anyway, onto the entry. This time, I’m going control, not beatdown. Last Saturday, as we were drafting DCL, it was understood that we get to keep the commons and uncommons we draft. That day, I finally got my 4th Poison Ivy [Intoxicating]! Yeah, THAT LONG. haha So, I got excited on how I could abuse her. I tried going mono-Secret Society, but it felt plain. So I then tried to think of ways to protect Ivy [teamed-up or mono] to really abuse her. Then, I remembered Luna Maximoff. And I started from there and ended up here:

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Just A Minor Update

What the title says. haha

A while back, we were had a problem with our Marvel Universe stocks, since MUN was soooooo underprinted. We had to resort to buying boxes in Ebay. Thanks to my good friend Andrew [spooky2799 in], I got a box. I had a good one. From what I remember, It had:

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