Warbound from the Start…

… and Warbound to the End!

When DCL came out and I was planning on building a Secret Society deck, which never happened 😦 , I said that the next deck I’m gonna build will have to require a lot less thinking. Why? Cause my brain melts with almost all the decks I have. So what that means was I’m on the road of building a beatdown deck. I already started with my curve Brotherhood Reservist, which wins 25% of the games I played with it. haha Anyway, when the teams were announced for Marvel Universe, I saw my dream team. WARBOUND. Of course! Who else embodies the word ‘beatdown’?! And Hulk is in the pic of Savage Beatdown… 😀

I saw every card of Warbound yesterday. I was as excited as a diabetic in a candy store… haha Wow, what a simile. haha Anyway, yeah, I’m definitely going Warbound on this set. From what I see, this team requires more thinking than my Brotherhood Reservist, but it definitely needs less thinking than my Fantastic Four or the Deadpool deck. That’s good enough for me!

I started thinking on what the deck should look like in Silver, Modern, and Modern Age BYOS points of view. I’m having difficulties on who should be more dominant on what drop, since the effects of non-Hulk Warbound characters are crazy and Hulk is crazier! I don’t know if I should go Mono or Team-Up, since ALL the plot twists of Warbound are SICK. Looks like I won’t be sleeping much for this week! haha Joke… 😀

Since I’m all excited for Warbound, I’ll post the pics of the cards. Thanks for the uploads, im_all_noobish of VSRealms! [Whoever you are… haha Thanks! 😀 ]

Here are the pics:

(WARNING: A LOT OF PICS in this entry. And their file sizes are huge, too. 😀 haha)

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