It’s A Beatdown Saturday

We had our X-Tended Play Beatdown Challenge last night at XP. 10 players showed up to show what their legends can do.

[in the () are the usernames of the players in]

Andrew Francisco (spooky2799) – Hellboy with Gotham Knights
Chris Salangsang (hydryx) – Dr. Doom with Marvel Defenders [and Friends]
Jarry Andaleon (Jarry: Next DC Superhero) – Ghost Rider
Joem Argao (ukyo_rulz) – Hellboy with Checkmate
JR Santos (twistedtao) – Juggernaut
King Mahino (graymalkin) – Dr. Doom
Mario Padua (carebuggers) – Jean Grey
Mark Padua (ozawabinladen) – Jean Grey [X-Mental]
Martin Regala [me hehe] (Gotenks) – Invisible Woman
Peter Campiglio (lionboy) – Tim Drake

10 players means 4 rounds! And after all four, the legend who rose to the top is…


YUP! I WON! haha I’m happy cause it’s my first major win, EVER! hahaha!! Moving on…

A few months after my Fantastic Four blog entry and a few card transactions, this is what my Family of Four looks like:

Characters: 29

2 drops:
4x Human Torch, Matchstick
2x Mr. Fantastic, Stringbean

3 drops:
4x Invisible Woman, First Lady of the Fantastic Four
2x Thing, Idol O’Millions

4 drops:
4x Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker
1x Human Torch, Nova Blast

5 drops:
3x Thing, Heavy Hitter
1x Invisible Woman, Sight Unseen

6 drops:
3x Human Torch, Flame On!
1x Mr. Fantastic, Dimensional Explorer

7 drops:
1x Thing, The Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing
1x Hulk, The Fantastic Hulk

8 drop:
1x Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd

9 drop:
1x Galactus, Devourer of Worlds

Plot Twists: 25
4x Signal Flare
4x Family of Four
4x Force Field Projection
4x It’s Clobberin’ Time!
4x Stretch Out
4x Pathetic Attempt
1x Only Human

Locations: 5
4x Four Freedoms Plaza
1x Sewer System

Equipment: 1
1x Reality Gem

Yup, still got none of ’em Mobilizes, which was (or is?) a real problem for me. I’ll get to that later. And I still don’t know why some Fantastic Four players don’t like Four Freedoms Plaza, cause it always saves my ass! haha!

Anyway, I wanted to go blow-by-blow in every match I had, like in my other tourney reports, but going 4 rounds of VS gives me a headache. If it were 10 rounds, I think my brain will ooze out of my nose and ears. haha!! So I’ll just type whatever I can remember.

Round 1

I was up against Mario and his Jean Grey Legend. On turn 6, He had Colossus (Organic Steel), Wolverine and Jean Grey (both MAA), and Sage (Xavier’s Secret Weapon). Mario had to underdrop on 4 with Jean and on 5 with Wolverine. I, on the other hand, had Sue, Reed, Ben, and Johnny from 3-6 respectively. (close eh no? haha) From what I remember, Wolverine, who has a +1/+1 counter, attacked Human Torch (or Thing?) with the help an attack pump I forgot. With Jean Grey in play, I can’t use Force Field Projection just yet. So, I used Family of Four to force the negation. Mario negated my plot twist, and then I answered back with a Force Field Projection. Next, Mario attacked Thing with Colossus. I used another Family of Four and Colossus was stunned. Torch and Thing attacked Sage and Jean, and both were hit hard. At the recovery phase, Mario used Children of the Atom to recover Colossus so he can get 3 +1/+1 counters. On the 7th turn, I recruited Thing (TELBET), and Mario was left with Wolverine and Colossus. Mario recruited Wolverine (Bloodlust), which replaced the MAA Wolverine, and placed him in front of Colossus. I attacked Wolverine with Thing, both got stunned. Mario had 3 endurance left and I had mine at 11 (I think). I then attacked Colossus with Human Torch, pumping him up with It’s Clobberin’ Time!. And that was round 1. Turn 7 win.

Round 2

For the 2nd round, I had to play against the team-attack-lovin’ Peter and his Tim Drake Legend. We playtested before the tourney started, and man did he kicked my ass. That time, the First Lady of the Fantastic Four was nowhere to be seen. At the actual game, I hit my curve perfectly, but his multiple team attacks kept me in place. By turn 7, my initiative, I recruited TELBET again and every character he had (with the exception of this 4drop Tim) went back to his hand, but he recruited 5 more characters (2 2drops and 3 1drops). In the end, a massive breakthrough won it for me. Turn 7 win.

Mid-game, there was a guy in XP talking about a particular DC comic. Both Peter and Migo (zeruel), who was watching beside Peter, looked at the guy at the same time and with a certain look that might have been a “don’t bad mouth DC or you’re dead” look. It was hilarious!

Round 3

Returning veteran Chris Salangsang, who was piloting a Dr. Doom w/ MD and Friends Legend, was my opponent for the 3rd. He was killing me with his defensive tricks and I had to underdrop several times. He had to underdrop on the 6th turn with a Wong and Dr. Strange (Founding Father). On the 7th turn, he recruited Magneto (Master of Magnetism) and then backed it up with Samantha Parrington, twice. Dunno why… Then I recruited Torch and Thing (2 and 5) to go along with Reed and Sue (4 and 3). Magneto attacked Mr. Fantastic, who was behind Thing and beside Torch. I let the attack go through, cause Mr. Fantastic was reinforced by Sue. Then Magneto attacked Thing. (from this point, everything’s hazy…) I – think – used 2 Family of Fours to stun back Magneto. After that I forgot everything else, except for a stunned Torch and Reed at the recovery phase. haha And even if I had Surfer in hand by turn 8, I underdropped with another 4drop Reed to complete the family. haha And Four Freedoms Plaza for the win! Turn 8 win.

Round 4

My last match was against Jean again, and it was Mark, Mario’s older brother, who piloted her. At the start, I said out loud that I won’t bully, cause I’m afraid of Turnabout. haha! Mark tood the odds initiative. (This was my last match so I probably remembered a lot more here than my other matches.)

I hit Torch on 2 and Sue on 3, but I missed Reed on 4. My problems didn’t stop there. Turn 5, I recruited the 4 drop Mr. Fantastic, while Mark had Tarot, Prof. X, and Emma Frost. What surprised me was Mark attacked Mr. Fantastic with Prof. X and he used Turnabout on him. Then I pointed out that Mr. Fantastic and Prof. X are both 4 drops. (confusion thanks to my sleeves and my “playmat”!) Nothing happened there. Then he attacked with Emma, and I had to use my 2nd Force Field Projection to stop the attack.

Turn 6, I recruited Human Torch (Flame On!) and Mark had Jean Grey (Red). I had to think really hard on that turn cause the scenario is this: I have a It’s Clobberin’ Time!, a 4drop Reed, a Stretch Out, and a Signal Flare in hand while Mark had a Mental Domination faced up in his resource row and an unused Emma Frost ability. I had to get rid of Emma (I completely forgot about the fact that cards like Children of the Atom and Phoenix Rising exist. haha!), so what I did was I activated Sewer System, targeting Reed and attacked Emma, who was behind Jean… (I would like to see that in real life… Hmm… Moving on!!) Then I used Stretch Out, opting for its +4/-4. Mark discarded a mental card to reuse Mental Domination, negating my plot twist. Then I used It’s Clobberin’ Time! and powered up, to go 9/13. Mark searched for a copy of Emma with Enemy of my Enemy for a power up, and I had to search with Signal Flare for a power up of my own. Finally, Mark played a Nasty Surprise, and both characters got stunned. Then I attacked Jean with Torch for a mutual stun. At the end of that turn, Emma and Torch were KO’d. (whew!) Why Torch? Cause…

Turn 7, Mark used Jean to replace 6 resources (except for Mutopia) and got an EOME from the new row to searched for and recruited Exodus. I recruited Torch and Thing (2 and 5), underdropping AGAIN. I had to complete the Family, since I have Four Freedoms Plaza facedown in my resource row. With the help of a Family of Four, my 3rd Force Field Projection (which was searched by Four Freedoms Plaza), and Pathetic Attempts to stop Mutant Massacres, the Family was still intact.

Turn 8, I drew into Surfer and Galactus. (Thank Lady Luck and Yugi!) I recruited Surfer and just had Galactus in my hand. Thankfully, Mark had the 8drop Jean Grey, and not the Mental 8drop (which could have killed me… whew again!), along with Exodus, Prof. X, and Tarot with Ego Gem. His hand was full of cards, thanks to Prof. X and 3 Splintering Consciousness from the previous turns. His deck was like a third of an inch thick! (with sleeves ah) Anyway… Surfer attacked his fellow 8drop and Mark played another Nasty Surprise for the mutual stun. Then I remember that I passed after that and used Four Freedoms Plaza to search and use Force Field Projection for the last time. At that point, Mark was at 15 while I was down to 2. Surfer and Torch were stunned, and I KO’d Surfer. I had to keep the Family again.

Turn 9. I forgot who Mark recruited. Then I recruited Galactus, making my endurance 17. Mark was doing his calculations and then attacked Galactus with Jean 8 and Tarot. He powered up Jean Grey thrice. I used Four Freedoms Plaza (AGAIN!) to search for my 3rd Family of Four for Galactus. Why?

Family of Four
Target character gets +1/+1 this attack for each Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and Thing you control.

Turn 9 win.

Yeah. That was the game and the tourney for me. My brain felt like it melted due to overuse. haha! I had a great time, and like I said earlier, it was my first major win, and everybody knew that. That’s why they keep on teasing me by calling me “The Champ”. haha

I don’t know if the skillze people would allow this to be the tourney report, cause it’s pretty inconsistent, and I want another person reporting… So that the report won’t be biased. hahaha!

Even if I didn’t win, the tournament was still fun! But I won, which made it more fun! haha (biased!! hahaha) Hope there will be more tournaments like this in the NEAR future! MORE POWER TO VS! ๐Ÿ˜€


6 Responses to “It’s A Beatdown Saturday”

  1. graymalkin Says:

    hahaha, nice tourney report! congrats CHAMP!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    btw, that round 4 match was epic, hehehe ^_^

  2. Lost Says:

    well, since no one else will comment it here…


  3. Gotenks Says:

    King: Thanks! And yeah, it was epic, cause I “stalled” again! hahaha Sorry about that… ^_^

    Bitz: haha! It’s a requirement to have a burger comment everywhere? ๐Ÿ˜› hahaha

  4. Lost Says:

    Well, not really.

    But then again, it’s not as if I can say “If I were only there, things would’ve been different.” So… It’s “Burger!” for me.

    Or would you rather have. “Would you like some Fries with that Beatdown, Senor Bitz?”

  5. Ozawa Bin Laden Says:

    Ozawa congratulates Martin!

    Ozawa apologies if his Mental deck caused Gotenks headaches. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Gotenks Says:

    Bitz: The “Burger” is fine for me, Seรฑor Bitz! ๐Ÿ˜› haha

    Ozawa: haha! No need for apologies, Ozawa. I always have headaches when I go > 3 rounds of VS. haha! 3’s my limit. hahaha!! And thanks, Ozawa! ๐Ÿ˜€

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