It’s A Beatdown Saturday

We had our X-Tended Play Beatdown Challenge last night at XP. 10 players showed up to show what their legends can do.

[in the () are the usernames of the players in]

Andrew Francisco (spooky2799) – Hellboy with Gotham Knights
Chris Salangsang (hydryx) – Dr. Doom with Marvel Defenders [and Friends]
Jarry Andaleon (Jarry: Next DC Superhero) – Ghost Rider
Joem Argao (ukyo_rulz) – Hellboy with Checkmate
JR Santos (twistedtao) – Juggernaut
King Mahino (graymalkin) – Dr. Doom
Mario Padua (carebuggers) – Jean Grey
Mark Padua (ozawabinladen) – Jean Grey [X-Mental]
Martin Regala [me hehe] (Gotenks) – Invisible Woman
Peter Campiglio (lionboy) – Tim Drake

10 players means 4 rounds! And after all four, the legend who rose to the top is…
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