Summer Time!! ^_^

Oh yeah… Say goodbye to school [for now], and hello bum mode! haha Before I cry about the fact that I have to take summer classes, I just wanted to say that I started blogging again after Rian Fike a.k.a. stubarnes mentioned me in his article. That’s an honor for me (who wouldn’t be honored? haha), so here I am! 😀

A lot has happened, VS-wise of course. DCL arrived around two or three weeks ago, and we’re still waiting for the second batch of DCL boxes to arrive. (yeah, second. thanks a lot UDE for abandoning us…) Yeah… I’m kinda still bitter with that. hahaha Anyway… With that, to prolong our DCL packs for hobby leagues, Mario “Carebuggers” Padua, who was also mentioned in stu’s article, decided to add MAA cards to the prize pool. It was a good move since more and more players are showing up to play. But DCL better arrive soon, cause we’re running out of packs… huhu 😦

Anyway, Imma watch Bleach for a few hours, and I’ll post about a deck I’ve been tinkering with after (a VS deck of course haha). It’s janky and inconsistent, so I’m gonna ask for advices on that. haha

And I just wanna thank stu for the shoutout for VS.Skillze! Thanks, stu!! 😀 haha More power to ya! 😀


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