The Ace Reporter Reports: The 3rd VS Skillze Challenge

First of all, I want to congratulate Joem Argao (ukyo_rulz) for winning the 3rd VS Skillze Challenge! 😀

After rescheduling twice, the 3rd VS Skillze Challenge finally happened last November 3 at XP. For this challenge, the format is Marvel Legends Sealed. 8 people showed up to play, including the return of two players, Aaron Tanco (The Red Viper) and Ivan Almazar (ziggywiggy). Isn’t it great? More players are returning to play the game. 😀 Anyway, as the Skillze Challenged started, players opened their packs to start working on their decks. No one screamed “Mobilize!” Will a Mobilize materialize? 😀 hehe

For this event, there are 4 rounds. I will report on each round:

First Round
Aaron (The Red Viper) vs Chris (hydryx)

Aaron won the die roll and chose to go first. Both players kept their hands.

Turn 1:
Aaron recruited Blink, Exile. Chris had no one. Blink attacked directly.

Aaron 50 / Chris 48

Turn 2:
Chris recruited Sunfire, Rising Sun (2/2) while Aaron didn’t recruit a character. Sunfire attacked with no additional effects, Blink defended without effects, too.

Aaron 48 / Chris 46

Turn 3:
Aaron recruited Spider-Man, Webhead, protecting Blink. Chris had Thing, Idol O’Millions, protecting Sunfire (3/3). Aaron attacked Thing (6/5) with Blink + Battle Tactics (5/1). Chris had no effects. [A=47 / C=43] Then Spider-Man (4/4) attacked Sunfire (3/3). Sunfire gets stunned with a breakthrough of 1.

Aaron 47 / Chris 40

Turn 4:
Chris recruited Ultron, Army, behind Thing. Aaron recruited Human Torch, Nova Blast, in front of Blink. Spider-Man is beside Blink (right side). Aaron equipped Human Torch with a Frag Grenade. Chris then attacked Human Torch (7/5) with Thing (6/5). Aaron KOed Frag Grenade and used Mental Blast, both targeting Thing (6/1), then he used Human Torch’s ability to stun Thing. [A=47 / C=37] Then Ultron attacked Spider-Man, with both players having no additional effects.

Aaron 41 / Chris 37

Turn 5:
Aaron recruited two characters: Echo, Masterless Samurai and Sunfire, Rising Sun (5/5). He had Sunfire and Echo in the front row, and Blink behind Sunfire, Spider-Man behind Echo, and Human Torch beside Spider-Man. Without changing his turn 4 formation, Chris placed Juggernaut, Walking Disaster beside Thing. Aaron used Echo to attack Juggernaut. He then used Echo’s effect. Both players had no other effects, so both characters got stunned. [A=35 / C=32] Sunfire (5/5) attacked Thing (6/5). No effects were used. [A=33 / C=29] Human Torch (7/5) attacked Ultron (7/7). [A=29 / C=25] Finally, Blink and Spidey attacked directly, dealing 6 combined. At the end of the turn, Juggernaut was the last man standing for Chris while Aaron had Echo, Spider-Man, and Blink.

Aaron 29 / Chris 19

Turn 6:
Chris recruited Mystique, Shape-Changing Assassin, and placed her beside Juggernaut in the front row. Then, Aaron recruited Spider-Man, Outlaw, which KOed the previous Spider-Man in play. He then had Blink behind Echo, and Spidey beside Blink. Chris attacked Echo with Juggernaut. Aaron teamed-up Marvel Knights and X-Men with Neighborhood Watch, used Echo’s effect, and reinforced Echo with Blink. [A=23 / C=14] Then Mystique attacked Blink, who was just reinforced by Spider-Man. (*Chris must have forgotten about Neighborhood Watch) With that, Aaron only took 1 damage.

Aaron 22 / Chris 14

Turn 7:
Aaron recruited Colossus, Tin Man, beside Echo and in front of Spider-Man. Chris recruited Magneto, Master of Magnetism behind Mystique and beside Juggernaut. Echo attacked Mystique. With Echo’s effect, both characters got stunned. [A=16 / C=8] Then Spidey attacked Juggy, who was reinforced by Magneto. [A=16 / C=3] At the end of the turn, Aaron said, “I miscalculated. I should have won.”

Aaron 16 / Chris 3

Turn 8:
Chris recruited Cable, Nathan Summers and chained his effect with The 198, dealing 3 damage to Aaron. [A=13 / C=3] Chris also recruited Rogue, Southern Belle and his formation is Mystique and Rogue in front, with Magneto behind Mystique and Cable behind Rogue. Aaron activates Spidey, targeting Rogue. With Rogue’s ability, Aaron took 4. [A=9 / C=3] Aaron then recruited Spider-Man, Power and Responsibility, where Chris exhausted Cable. The previous Spider-Man was KOed. Chris then used Avalanched!, targeting Aaron’s Spider-Man. With that, Aaron concedes.

Now, for the 2nd Round, I decided to watch over King and Mario’s match.

Second Round
King (graymalkin) vs Mario (carebuggers)

King won the die roll and elected to go first. Both players kept their hands.

Turn 1:
Both players had no characters to recruit. [this will be fun. :D]

Turn 2:
Mario recruited Jean Grey, Teen Telepath while King recruited Ant-Man, King of the Hill. Since Ant-Man is concealed, Jean Grey (2/3) attacked directly. (First blood!) [K=48 / M=50] Not backing down, Ant-Man (3/2) attacked Jean for a mutual stun.

King 46 / Mario 48

Turn 3:
Both players had no characters to recruit… Again! haha King just attacked Jean (2/3) with Ant-Man (3/2) again.

King 44 / Mario 46

Turn 4:
With Lady Luck clearly not on his side, Mario had no character/s to recruit, so Jean Grey is still going strong! King, on the other hand, recruited Punisher, Guns Blazing… with two Katanas! Whoa! With King imitating Wolverine [SNIKT!], the whole place reacted with what King has on his side of the field. Not backing down, Jean Grey (2/3) attacked Punisher (13/7). Then, Mario used Devastating Blow and Commanding Nature for Jean Grey (7/3) so that her attack will just equal Punisher’s defense. With no other effects, both characters got stunned, and Jean Grey was sent to the KOed pile. [K=40 / M=44] With no character to protect Mario, King’s Ant-Man (3/2) attacked directly.

King 40 / Mario 41

Turn 5:
King recruited Invisible Woman, Sight Unseen. Mario, before doing anything, said: “Now I wish I have Moonlight [Knight of Khonshu]”. Then, he concedes.

After that, everybody’s teased Mario that he’s a quitter. haha And by request, Mario also said: “Say that I’m a quitter. haha” There you go! 😛 haha

For the 3rd round, I watched Ivan and Chris’ match… for no reason other than they were both wearing yellow. haha!

Third Round
Ivan (ziggywiggy) vs Chris

Ivan won the die roll and elected to go first. Both players kept their hands.

Turn 1:
Both players had no characters to recruit. [Don’t worry, this is not like the second round. hehe :P]

Turn 2:
As Chris placed own a resource, Andrew (spooky2799), who was sitting beside me, said: “I’m having a fucking good day…” Looked like Lady Luck is not with her? We’ll see… haha Anyway, Chris had no character/s to recruit, while Ivan had Sunfire, Rising Sun (2/2), who attacked directly.

Ivan 50 / Chris 48

Turn 3:
Ivan recruited Wolverine, Logan, revealing Nightcrawler, Man of the Cloth, and protected Sunfire (3/3) with him. Chris recruited Cable, Nathan Summers, burning Ivan for 1. [I=49 / C=48] Wolverine (6/6) attacked Cable (5/4) without effects for both parties. [I=49 / C=43] Sunfire attacked directly (3/3).

Ivan 49 / Chris 40

Turn 4:
Chris recruited Daredevil, Hornhead, protecting Cable. Ivan had Nightcrawler, Man of the Cloth, beside Wolverine and protecting Sunfire (4/4). Cable (5/4) attacked Nightcrawler (5/4). Chris didn’t add any effect to that attack, so Ivan just reinforced Nightcrawler with Sunfire. Both took 3. [I=46 / C=37] Daredevil (7/7) attacked Sunfire (4/4). Both didn’t do anything else, so take 5 for Ivan.

Ivan 41 / Chris 37

Turn 5:
Around this time, sir Edge started giving out the participation packs [cause we are well supported by UDE!]. After a few seconds, one player shouted: “Mobilize! Fuck 0-3! hahaha!” Can you guess who..? 😀 haha

Anyway… Ivan recruited the unaffiliated Mr. Sinister, Visionary Geneticist and placed all his characters (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Mr. Sinister) in the front row (in that order, too. hehe). For Chris, he recruited Juggernaut, Walking Disaster and placed it beside Cable, who was protecting Daredevil. Ivan used Wolverine and Nightcrawler (11 ATK total) to team attack Juggernaut (10/9). No one had additional effects, so Nightcrawler got stunned. [I=38 / C=32] Ivan then sent Mr. Sinister (9/9) on Cable (5/4). Chris played Turnabout (Cable 8/7) to lessen the breakthrough. [I=38 / C=27] Now, Chris attacked Wolverine (6/6) with Daredevil (7/7). Ivan used Combat Veteran (Wolverine 6/8) but Chris countered with a powering up Daredevil. Wolvie still got stunned.

Ivan 35 / Chris 27

Turn 6:
Chris recruited Mystique, Shape-Changing Assassin, in front of Daredevil and beside Juggernaut. Ivan recruited Colossus, Tin Man and placed him behind Wolverine, who was beside Mr. Sinister. Chris attacked Mr. Sinister (9/9) with Mystique (12/12) and then used Asteroid M (Mystique = 16/12). [I=23 / C=27] Juggernaut (10/9) attacked Wolverine (6/6). [I=16 / C=27] After that, it was Ivan’s turn to attack. Ivan flipped New Mutants and attacked Juggernaut (10/9) with Colossus (16/16), dealing 12 to Chris.

Ivan 16 / Chris 15

Turn 7:
Ivan recruited Hulk, The Fantastic Hulk and discarded 3 Fantastic Four character cards to give Hulk 3 counters. He then protected Mr. Sinister with Hulk and had Colossus beside Hulk. Chris placed Magneto (Master of Magnetism) behind Mystique, which sounds so bad (hehe), and had Juggernaut to protect Daredevil. Mr. Sinister (9/9) attacked Juggernaut (10/9) for mutual stun. [I=11 / C=10] Ivan then attacked Magneto (16/16) with Hulk (19/18), and Chris conceded.

Joem (ukyo_rulz) vs Ivan

The championship match is on! Joem won the die roll and chose to go first. Only Ivan kept his hand.

Turn 1:
Both just placed a resource.

Joem 50 / Ivan 50

Turn 2:
Ivan recruited Sunfire, Rising Sun (2/2) while Joem had Jean Grey, Teen Telepath, who gave Joem an extra card. Ivan passed, which made Joem attack Sunfire with Jean Grey (2/3). First blood.

Joem 50 / Ivan 48

Turn 3:
Joem recruited Wolverine, Logan, revealing Wolverine, Bloodlust. He then placed Wolverine in front of Jean Grey. Ivan recruited Wolverine, Logan also, revealing Colossus, Tin Man instead. His Wolverine also protected his other character, Sunfire (3/3). Joem’s Wolverine attacked Ivan’s Wolverine (both 6/6) and with no effects being added, both were stunned. [J=47 / I=45]. With Sunfire being bigger than Jean Grey now, Joem passed. Ivan now attacked Jean Grey (2/3) with Sunfire (now 3/3).

Joem 45 / Ivan 45

Turn 4:
Ivan recruited Daredevil, Hornhead and placed him beside Sunfire (4/4). Joem, on the other hand, recruited Iceman, Frosty, who is being protected by Wolverine. Both Wolverines entered combat, both got stunned. [J = I = 42 hehe] Ivan attacked Iceman with Daredevil (both 7/7) both also got stunned. [J = I = 38] And Sunfire attacked directly.

Joem 34 / Ivan 38

Turn 5:
Joem recruited Cyclops, Fearless Leader while Ivan recruited Ghost Rider, Rider on the Storm. Cyclops (10/9) attacked an exhausted Daredevil (7/7) [thanks to Iceman’s effect]. Ivan responded by discarding a card and flipping Combat Veteran (4/12). Joem did nothing, so nothing happened. [J=34 / I=38] Joem attacked Ghost Rider (11/8) with Iceman (7/7) and flipped Turnabout, making Iceman a 10/10 guy. Ivan did nothing, but this time, damage was dealt to both players.

Joem 30 / Ivan 31

Turn 6:
Ivan recruited Colossus, Tin Man in front of Ghost Rider and gave Daredevil, who was protecting Sunfire, a Desert Eagle. Joem underdropped with Daredevil, Hornhead and Mr. Fantastic, Stringbean, choosing his +2 DEF, placed Mr. Fantastic in front of Daredevil, and teamed-up Fantastic Four and Marvel Knights. Colossus (12/12) attacked Iceman (7/7). Joem flipped Evil Lair and exhausted Iceman, burning Ivan for 3, and reinforced Iceman with Cyclops. [J=26 / I=28] Ivan’s Daredevil (9/7) attacked Cyclops (10/9). [J=21 / I=24] And Sunfire (6/6) attacked Mr. Fantastic (2/4). [J=17 / I=24] Now, Joem attacked Sunfire (6/6) with his Daredevil (7/7).

Joem 17 / Ivan 21

Turn 7:
Joem recruited Hulk, The Fantastic Hulk and discarded 4 Fantastic Four charater cards, giving Hulk 4 +1/+1 counters (20/19). He also gave Daredevil his very own Desert Eagle (9/7). Ivan did the same, except that he only discarded 2 FF cards (18/17). Joem had Hulk in front of Cyclops, who was beside an equipped Daredevil. Ivan, on the other hand, has Colossus in front of Daredevil, and Hulk protecting Ghost Rider. The two Hulks collided in combat. Ivan used Mental Blast on Joem’s Hulk and used Ghost Rider to reinforce his Hulk. Both Hulks got stunned. [J=10 / I=14] Joem sent Cyclops (10/9) to Ghost Rider (11/8). Ivan teamed-up Fantastic Four and Marvel Knights and reinforced Ghost Rider with Daredevil. [J=10 / I=9] and finally (for the turn anyway), Joem attacked Colossus (12/12) with Daredevil (9/7) and used Bring the Pain the Hornhead.

Joem 2 / Ivan 2

Turn 8:
Ivan recruited Mr. Sinister, Visionary Geneticist and placed him beside Hulk, who was protecting Daredevil. Joem recruited Wolverine, Bloodlust. With Joem’s characters being so big for Ivan, Ivan conceded.

Took me long enough? haha With all the school work I have, I simply can’t have VS as my top priority. But I’ll do my best next time! 😀 hehe


6 Responses to “The Ace Reporter Reports: The 3rd VS Skillze Challenge”

  1. graymalkin Says:

    great report! ^_^

    that 2nd match was probably your shortest match coverage, hehehe :p

  2. vssjgotenks Says:

    Thanks, graymalkin!

    And you’re right, too. It was my shortest match ever! But it was fun! Punisher going SNIKT! on Jean Grey! hahaha

  3. fullbodytransplant Says:

    Brilliant report, very entertaining.

    We. Want. More!

  4. vssjgotenks Says:

    Oh! There will be more! haha I’m looking forward to reporting matches against Galactus… hehe

    Still waiting for him to arrive in the Philippines though… 😀 hehe

  5. ziggywiggy Says:

    this made me miss VS 😦

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