The Ace Reporter Reports: The 3rd VS Skillze Challenge

First of all, I want to congratulate Joem Argao (ukyo_rulz) for winning the 3rd VS Skillze Challenge! 😀

After rescheduling twice, the 3rd VS Skillze Challenge finally happened last November 3 at XP. For this challenge, the format is Marvel Legends Sealed. 8 people showed up to play, including the return of two players, Aaron Tanco (The Red Viper) and Ivan Almazar (ziggywiggy). Isn’t it great? More players are returning to play the game. 😀 Anyway, as the Skillze Challenged started, players opened their packs to start working on their decks. No one screamed “Mobilize!” Will a Mobilize materialize? 😀 hehe

For this event, there are 4 rounds. I will report on each round:

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First Love Never Dies

It’s a cliche that people use when they can’t ‘move on’ after a break-up, or something like that. No matter how different things are between the two of you [and the environment], you still have some love for the person… Same with VS, right? No matter what or how the meta is, or how screwed up your first deck is in a particular or in every Age, you still play your first deck. Right? 😀 [I’m talking about a real “competitive” deck here… hehe]

Versus System was introduced to me by a friend of mine when the X-Men Set [MXM] was released. Of course, I had no idea what team to play, since it is a new experience for me. [Tried Magic in the 5th grade, didn’t like it.] So my friend told me to buy a booster pack and build around the cards I’ll get. It’s a good idea, and I did it. I got mostly Hellfire Club and Morlocks characters. From what I remember, Marrow, Shinobi, Sewer System and Tarot were in the booster pack. So I started from there, teaming up Hellfire and Morlocks. Boy, did it suck. haha Not just because of the absence of rares [I was reluctant to buy expensive cards], but the team-up’s kinda awkward. Especially when I had Shinobi as my primary drop and Marrow as my backup. hahaha! Then my friend told me to separate the teams. I did. From then on, I started to build my Morlocks deck first, learning the tricks of the evading characters and their support cards, and playtesting it with my friends.

Then I learned about older sets, the Ages, and new sets start arriving… I tweak my Morlocks deck every now and then and made it more competitive. Here’s what I have now:

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