Now I Feel Bad

After watching the news, I really feel bad about what happened to Glorietta 2. Not VS connected this time. Fuck those bombers. They will go to hell. And maybe, I’ll be there waiting for them… And torture their pathetic souls… One way or another…

I hate people who kill the innocent… I just hope they die slowly and painfully…


I’m Baaaaack

Sorry for not blogging. Been busy these past 10 days. hehe Anyway I was suppose to talk about another deck of mine, but I want to say something about VS here in the Philippines.

Ever since UDE ‘abandoned’ its VS players in Asia, we are still keeping the game alive. We are creating different [and unique] formats so that the ‘retired’ players may find interest in coming out of VS retirement, and court people to come and play VS. We are getting our stocks of post-MTU sets from the US [I think], so we are not left behind by the rest of the UDE supported places. So far, I think we’re doing great. Our hobby leagues are not canceled due to the lack of players, we are getting the cards we want [except for the horrible card distribution of DWF, which resulted into the ‘semi-retirement’ of the 1st VS Skillze Challenge Champion], and we’re getting new players. Except for Aaron’s ‘semi-retirement’, everything’s cool, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

But then, tragedy showed its ugly head, as terrorists [not really sure, but I’ll call them ‘terrorists’ =P haha] bombed a part of Glorietta, the mall where most Makati-based players [and new players] have their weekly hobby league in Neutral Grounds [specifically G2]. It didn’t stop players from continuing the HL. They didn’t play in Glorietta, though. haha They played in another branch of Neutral Grounds, located in Robinson’s Galleria [5 or more train stations away from Glorietta]. See how Filipinos love VS? Bomb a mall, play in another. hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

What troubles me about that bombing is the effect it MAY have in ‘recruiting’ new players. Potential new players may not attend or show up in HLs due to the fear of being bombed. The bombing did strike fear into the hearts of a lot of people, which resulted into my mom forbidding me to play in the HL [for now hehe]. I just hope it won’t be a problem recruiting players, since lightning doesn’t strike at the same place twice, right?

All I can say now is… Long live Glorietta! Long live VS! haha

[What a pathetic ending… haha I got no writing skillze at all… =P haha]

Shameless plugging..? haha

Oh yeah… I got the title from what Superboy Prime said in Part 8 of the Sinestro Corps… hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ ^_^

Hello World!

Hi! I’m Martin Regala. SSJ3 Gotenks to all VS forums, except, to which I am just Gotenks. Welcome to my blog. Just read my About for “more” info. haha

Now, for my first entry, I would love to tell you why I love VS or why I created a blog for VS. That’s great, but I wanna talk about the deck I used in the 2nd Skillze Challenge. Why? ‘Cause there’s something about that deck and how I play it that makes me enjoy or love playing it. The deck’s a team-up of Underworld and Marvel Defenders with a ‘cameo’ from a rarely used character, Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth.

The Decklist


3x The Dwarf
4x Tania Belinskya โ—Š Red Guardian
3x Beast, New Defender
4x Umar
2x Kyle Richmond โ—Š Nighthawk
1x Hawkeye, Loud Mouth
2x Blackheart, Black King
2x Richard Rider โ—Š Nova
1x Modred the Mystic
1x Samantha Parrington โ—Š Valkyrie
2x Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth

2x Hellstorm
1x Sub-Mariner, Neptuneโ€™s Fist
1x Wendell Vaughn โ—Š Quasar
1x Shuma-Gorath
1x Noble Kale

3x Sanctum Sanctorum

Plot Twists:
4x Defenders Defend!
4x Netherworld Gift
3x Deathโ€™s Embrace
3x Ritual Sacrifice
3x Strange Love
3x The โ€œBโ€ Team
3x The Order
3x Undead Legions

I never refer to this deck as “my deck” cause frankly, I netdecked this. Now, some players will say “Oh! How DARE you netdeck!!” Others will be totally fine or won’t give a rat’s ass about it being a netdeck. I admit, I netdeck 30% of the time (Common Enemy, Legionnaires, and this one), but it’s a “desperate time calls for desperate measures” type of times. ANYWAY, now I got that off my chest, onto the deck.

I saw this decklist in [to be more specific: here]. It was created by Joe Bryan and Patrick Yapjoco. This is their Deadpool Deck. This deck caught my eye because of 3 things:
1) I got 93% of the cards [56 cards]
2) Underworld!!
3) Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth
But there’s one “combo” that made me love this deck:
Deadpool + Nova + ( The Order x n ) ; where n is equal to the number of The Orders you can play (MDAS not required. hehe)

This gives your opponent two choices:
Do you want endurance damage to save at least one of your characters OR do you KO them to save your life points?
The creators may play this deck differently, but this is how I play it.

Mulligan condition: Umar or a 2 drop and a 3 drop

– If you can abuse Umar, go ahead. But if you think she’ll be a liability, sub her out on the 4th turn.

– If by the 4th turn you don’t have Ritual Sacrifice, use one of your search cards to look for The Dwarf. Do this before putting down a resource.

– You have to have at least one copy of a search card, Strange Love, and [the MOST important one] Netherworld Gift in your KO’d pile. Why? Because of my next tip:

– Abuse Hellstorm and Sanctum Sanctorum. Why? All the plot twists you need have a threshold cost of 4 and 3. And Hellstorm brings back a necessary plot twist or any card from the KO’d pile.

– Have Deadpool in your KO’d pile at the start of the 6th turn’s recruit step. Duh, Netherworld his ass. haha If you don’t have Nova in play, he should be in your KO’d pile or sub him in.

– And if you reach the 8th turn, don’t forget Samantha Parrington for Noble Kale! 38 to the face, baby! hahaha!!

That’s all, I guess. I used the Deadpool + Nova + The Order combo against an Avengers deck, where my opponent opted to KO his 5 and 6 drops. And I used Noble Kale + Samantha Parrington, which ended the game. I had and am having fun with this deck, and that’s the whole point of the game, right? Kudos to Joe Bryan and Patrick Yapjoco!